Franchise and Expansion Consulting

"Roll up your sleeves and get to work along side my team and I"

Our consulting relationships look different with every client because every client is different. Unlike other firms who have flat rate pricing, we customize our consulting relationships to fit the needs and budget of our clients. We feel that flat-rate pricing either charges too much or at times too little. We prefer to set our clients up on an affordable monthly retainer based on the scope of their project. We determine the scope of the project after completing an OSD Full engagement CLICK HERE. The OSD Full serves as an audition for Fewer Hats and helps us understand the compatibility of our services and your needs. At the beginning of each consulting relationship, we ask the brand to make a 3, 6, or 9 month commitment to working with us. We have limited bandwidth as a firm so we are careful about the projects we take on. The monthly commitment helps us manage our consulting calendar and ensure we deliver our best work. When we commit to a consulting project it means we believe in the brand, the project potential, and our ability to add significant value. We would rather have deep relationships with a few brands at a time than a bunch of superficial ones with a large group. This strategic decision has kept our firm lean, effective, and talented.