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Finding a CRM for your franchise

If you are a franchisor, then you understand the importance of managing the relationships you have with your franchisees. It is your job to be attentive, responsive, and supportive to each unit you have in your franchise system. There are a number of software platforms out there that help you manage...

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How Clint Eastwood and Brad Pit leverage tech
I have four siblings; one brother, two sisters, and the Chicago Cubs. Growing up in Chicago meant that baseball wasn't merely America's favorite pastime, it was a part of the family. My father taught me to love the game and be loyal to "Our Team". He used to share wisdom such as "If y...
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Millennials, McDonald's, and Miley Cyrus

Millennials in the workplace can be quite challenging. Wikipedia defines a millennial as a “person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century”. They’re typically known for being gifted with technology and inept with social skills. As the transfer of wealth and responsibility is beginning to ...

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Tips for shopping for tech!
A few months ago I went shopping for a new car. I had a vague idea of what I wanted but I wasn’t completely sold on any one brand, make, or model. The only thing I had officially committed myself to was buying a used car in order to save money. Purchasing a car is not an everyday activity for me so ...
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