Fewer Hats

Operational and Strategic Discovery (OSD) Light

"Help me make the right decisions on my franchise advisors."

When you are entering the Franchise industry for the first time, there are a lot of important decisions you have to make. It is highly recommended to surround your business with knowledgeable advisors that can help you avoid costly mistakes. Franchising has become an extremely popular way to expand a business. This has caused the marketplace of franchise services to become quite congested. Hiring a consultant or attorney that steers you in the wrong direction can be devastating to your franchise system. We do not want your franchise system to become another cautionary tale of a brand that was lead down the wrong path by an attorney, consultant, or marketing advisor. 

We designed the Operational and Strategic Discovery (OSD) Light to help you make wise decisions when selecting your advisors. After being put through a virtual analysis of your business, our consultants will recommend advisors that have been throughly vetted by Fewer Hats. Every consultant, attorney, and marketing advisor we recommend has been thoroughly vetted and understands the nuances of the franchise model.  

You only get one shot at entering the franchise industry for the first time. Sign up for an OSD Light today and we will make sure you make a big splash!

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