Operational and Strategic Discovery (OSD) Full

"Really dig into my business and develop a 3, 6, 9 month expansion plan"

The Operational and Strategic Discovery (OSD) Full was designed to allow us to really dig into your business in order to provide powerful guidance. The team at Fewer Hats will take the time necessary to understand the idiosyncrasies of your business. The purpose of this engagement is to flush out the operational and strategic development needed in order to scale the brand. Upon completion, our consultants will present your brand with a 7-15 page report detailing the strategic steps you need to take in order to scale. We assess your business with a three-prong approach;

Key player interviews

During the interview phase, we will meet and interview key members of your team. This helps us gain an understanding of the different perspectives of the operational and strategic opportunities that exist within the organization. 

Documentation analysis

During the documentation phase, we will review all training, operational, and financial documentation that you give us access to. This will help us understand how prepared your content is in order to scale.

Onsite Shadows

During the shadow phase, members of our team will come out on site and observe your business in action. This phase will help us see all of your processes and procedures in action. This is the most important part of the OSD Full engagement. It will prepare us to really understand where you are at as an organization.